Descanso Gardens & @Estherkiu

so continuing from penelopes we decided to go to descanso gardens to take some pictures

turns out this garden is super big and we only went through half before the place closed.
mostly portraits, some random flower shots, random shots via my phone… im a fraud.

shot with iphone5s and processed with vscocam

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Karen & Brandon Bloch’s Costume Themed Wedding via Iphone

The day I became an intern… Just kidding!! This wedding was so much fun especially because it wasnt traditional!! Brandon and Karen did a wonderful job planning this wedding and attention to details made everybody enjoy themselves as well as celebrate this amazing ceremony.  The wedding was the weekend right after Halloween which if i remember was on a thursday in 2013… so this fit in perfectly even though we were in november.
Anyways, enjoy this wedding

Shot with Iphone 4 & processed with #VSCOcam
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Family Gatherings, Post Thanksgiving.

The iconic La Brea Tarpits art installment.
or is it iconic??

My mother flew in and we decided to check out LACMA to transition into eating somewhere in koreatown.
Something about art makes me smile and even if its victorian, contemporary, or just something that i dont understand why its art… im glad to be viewing it and trying to understand.

some portraits of my family + dan, artsy portraits and landscapes..

Shot on my Iphone5s and processed with VSCOcam

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Floral Entry.

They Call me the CerealFolk….. or Kinreal….




just kidding. if you examine the photos, you can see me for the fraud i am.

Shot with Iphone 5s and processed with #VSCOCAM

also if you guys are android users, go check out the android version of VSCO!! I havent tested it or seen it in action but im assuming it does just as amazing as on the iphone version so use it!!

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