The Yeohaeng Project; Part One – Gyeoul

wao wao

I would call this the revival and after about 8 months of hiatus… im making an attempt at blogging again. I honestly dont know if I’m going to keep it up but I will make an earnest effort in maintaining the blog. I’ve been shooting a lot and there are so many things I really want to share. Nowadays, there are so many outlets in terms of sharing.. which most of my work either goes up through instagram ( @miknayr), my vsco grid (, or quick snaps on my snapchat (@miknayr).. sadly I never realized how much I enjoyed the hassle of writing down my thoughts, sequencing stuff and just doing things to keep busy… I think I’ve always felt embarrassed about my writing… because its a direct personification of how my personality and sometimes I feel like my personality is a little embarrassing..
even if its me.

BUT!! I’ve gotten a little confidence boost from some people telling me that my way with words draws people in(?) and makes for interesting time passing… so heres to 2015,

First of all, this post isnt just about the return but i guess the first look into my seasonal travel series. During the school year, I decided to make a trip up to the Canadian Rockies to try and become as cool as all the photographers I follow on instagram. safe to say it wasnt as majestic as those who live there but it was a good effort (lol self-support coach nbd) Yeohaeng is korean for Travel and Gyeoul is korean for Winter.

The experience itself was amazing. I wish there was more adventure, more struggle, more danger. I felt a little regret when I left Banff because I wasnt able to experience a few things due to circumstances. Maybe I’m selfish.

In any case, the photos follow as usual,
Shot on my iphone 5s and processed using VSCO
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