In Search of : Bamboo 2014

Oregon, USA
The Beaver State

My first steps into oregon….to be frank i dont even really know whether or not this photo was taken in oregon… but might as well be oregon…

the hashtag is  insearchof bamboo because oregon is covered in trees and i was going to the portland garden so i thought there would be bamboo. therefore i chose bamboo.

and my first major stop was at the Oregon Sand Dunes.

literally the most randomest decision i made in my life but well worth it.
i was the only person out there in the morning and it was also raining. even though my quad had a windshield, there were no wipers so i was constantly looking out infront of me through the side of the quad while battling the rain and trying to find a good location for my 4×5 camera. thankfully it was overcast because i think if it was sunny, i wouldnt be able to get any differences in value in the sand cuz theyre so reflective but it was really exhilarating. it was a weird feeling knowing that there were pine trees just on the edge of these sand dunes and how trees still grew in this desert landscape… like where the hell did all this sand come from?? how do trees grow from sand?? am i still in california?? gotta ask the real questions sometimes….

and lunchtime was upon me and i decided to yelp because why not right? but homegrown was a nice restaurant and served the most delicious clam chowder ive ever tasted. they used white pepper jacks in the soup and had paprika as a topping and the clams were just super delicious. wa0w #mikafe 5vr

of course gluten free.

hamburger was like actually steak posing as a ground beef. wtf so fkin delicious

clam chowderrrrrr

and then suddenly, torrential showers decided to ruin my trip. even though my car is AWD, hydroplaning does exist and i fully understand why the speedlimit is so slow in oregon. going up and down the coast, theres valleys at the bottom and sometimes there are puddles and theyre hard to see through the sheets of rain. the obvious course of action would be to take pictures while driving in the rain. or else it didnt happen amirite???

so at this moment lol.

i tried to shoot with my 4×5 camera and i had put on my poncho thinking it would be a great photo. the winds were really blowing.. i pulled to the side of the road and i saw this seagull flying in front of me and im thinking like cool bird. but i then realized… the seagull wasnt going anywhere  in the wind.. he was just stationary in the air.. that was maybe a sign that i shouldnt have tried to take pictures in this weather. but i took this in the safety of my car ez.

and then it was straight into portland. no stops because there was nowhere to stop and it was also getting dark and i was travelling through fields of farmland.

only to find a familiar face @estherkiu

we went to navarre which is an italian? american bistro? but it had delicious food and we talked about our trip and what we’ve done for the past week.

i stayed at my friends beautiful studio. im so jealous of everybody and their nice apartments..

and then the next morning was brunch at tasty & sons.

this place was so cool. i feel like im saying that about everything but it really was lol

overhead shots allllldayyyy

and then it was onto portland japanese garden. im really glad i came to visit this place


it was a very cool garden and even though all the cherry blossoms bloomed into leaves, i was still glad everything looked beautiful

im kind of jealous of these digital photos… because all my scans look weird.. or i just dont know how to scan properly :[

multnomah falls..


thx car ❤ everybody buy a subaru.

mt tabor

and also the last day i was in portland. i think i didnt really explore the city as much as i wanted to because i didnt have a lot of time and the weather kind of sucked… maybe next time i go up to portland ill have a more more better time.
but it was onto the place where dreams come true. and also my 3rd dance with mother nature.

going through mt hood, there was snow warnings.

ok let me explain something.

its april 24th or something liek that… its not winter, its not summer. its fkin spring. and the weather has been a constant 70 degrees. and i came from california… where the hell does snow exist? it exists at the top of mt. hood. and OREGONTRANS decided to put up snowwarnings and mandatory snowchains. wtf good thing i have AWD right?

i get to the top of mt hood and its snowing. real snow. and im scared and i dont have pix to show because im 100% focused on surviving.

which i survived and ended up at prineville AND THEN THE HEAVENS SAID U GET NICE WEATHER!!!

AMAGAWDDDDD the weather was amazing!!!

and then it snowed again but its hard to see in this photo.



ofcourse selfportarits


and then it was time to leave :[ to continue my 7 hour drive to seattle because i made a big mistake

oregon over.


2 thoughts on “In Search of : Bamboo 2014

  1. whoaaa! the painted hills look cool! i’m going to portland again. hopefully i can hit up some of the places you went to. i definitely want to check out the japanese garden!

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