In Search of : Blossoms 2014

California, USA
The Golden State

Photos were taken on Fujifilm x100s

Processed with VSCOcam

As you can guess, my trip consisted of a lot of food, a lot of driving, and a lot of fabricated dangerous from thoughts and “situations” that were maybe a bit of an overreaction if anything.

my first meal in SF was of course brunch. I stayed with my friend Cathy (who recently graduated Berkeley law !! congrats!!) and she took me out to foreign cinema.

first thing i noticed was the amazing skylight that it had which i deleted off my camera for some reason :[ aka im a fraudulent photographer and couldnt get a good exposure in that setting….

i ordered a french baguette french toast with raspberry and blueberry sauce with lemon puree and coffee

needless to say, the food was amazing and it was only the beginning.. i was spoiled alrdy.

next was bi-rite creamery which ive heard is one of the better places to have ice cream and i think its the winner in my whole trip… more on ice cream throughout the trip.

of course gotta go to dolores park and just see what the coolness of park culture is about. seeing this many people just relaxing on a hill just seemed extremely leisurely but something envious as LA doesnt have any park culture :[ (or atleast to my knowledge haha)


it just happened to be a coincidence that my trip coincided with San Francisco’s Cherry Blossom Festival and when i was thinking of a clever hashtag to post on my instagram, i thought this was a pretty good one… pls no flamerinos.

ofcourse rillakkuma. and also i bought some kyary pamyu pamyu stickers and a kyaryXmameshiba plush… coupled with my espresso mameshiba, my collection slowly grows…

i met up with the famous fashion blogger @essynoir and her friends.. i wish she’d notice me more often

and we headed towards castro street..

what an experience…. this coffee shop is super cool looking

cool vespa

and this is the transition to another day. bridge symbolism~

next up was brunch AGAIN (i love brunch <3)
we headed towards portal near merritt lake and it was super delicious. i really really REALLY envy people who have nice patio/outdoor seating with great atmosphere and young adults just eating brunch casually… talking about their lives and problems… or successes and stories!!

omg omg omg #mikafe ❤

cathy being extra cool waiting 4 her food.

Merritt Lake!!

outside of cathy’s house were these little signs of character. the owners of the house she was renting out had started projects around the house and were continually working on it. super cool

and then it was off to union square in SF ( or wherever the uniqlo is based) to get some light shopping done.

this urban outfitters was really cool.

cool stuff

got me some sweats and longsleeves wutevz.

everybody waiting for their opportunity to ride the trolley!!!  this is real life guys. such a novelty.

the beautiful area of the home i stayed in. the light was beautiful omfg i loved it haha

NEXT MORNING WAS RICK AND ANNES (like mike and ann’s)
cathy told me they were same owners but something happened… they definitely had similar foods on the menu… so it isnt completely deniable but……….. i was skeptical…

but these pancakes were so freaking good omfg…

too bad this was my last morning in SF til my trip back down…

up until i left, i didnt exactly shoot anything for my project.. i felt like i was taking my project too lax and going with the flow too much. it was time to get started.

slightly uninspired.. i tried to get a real sense of what my project was about and how i was going to explain my concept to my fellow classmates when i was going to present my work the following term… and then it hit me… i was searching for something… whether it was travel, food, adventure, ideas, inspiration, or nothing in particular, i was in search of something… and thus created #INSEARCHOF_ which evidently became my hashtag for the trip.

driving and taking pix, not dangerous at all.

funny thing happened to me while i was taking this photo…
for everybody who doesnt know, with a 4×5 camera, you somewhat need a dark cloth to be able to see through the viewing glass to focus before you take your photo. BEING BY MYSELF AND PARANOID, i would always check every minute or so to see if there was anything i needed to fight around me while i was covered… and during one of those instances, a cop pulls up and thinking about how to deal with this guy because like … what if he thinks my camera is some kind of missle launcher trying to launch missles into these trees or something amirite? people that havent seen a 4×5 camera dont know its a camera.. luckily the cop was really cool and asked me what i was doing and talked about his photography stint which i gave a generous chuckle to since we had something in common… hopefully he didnt fall in love with me when he said take care and left… because i immediately went back to composing my 2nd photo of my trip and spent a prolonged time figuring out what i wanted to shoot after that moment…. heh… i laughed at a cop’s photography skills… #imnotpretenious

and continuing through the redwoods was the chandelier tree which you could drive your car through…


i swear it was really cool because its a fkin tree that you drive through holy fkin shit

ofcourse walked through the tree and my car almost got stuck but I DID IT YAY~

and ofcourse i have no proof other than taking pix of other peoples cars but wutevz. i did it.

what a redwood looks like i guess

cool bench bruh.

sunspots and rolling clouds… it was raining sporadically so this was often occurrence.

so another story that happened after taking this photo  rofl…..

so i heard that as you go norther and norther along the coast… there are just generally less of an asian population as well as a higher drug usage… and this was the next morning…

as i was walking along the beach taking coolpix and embracing my trip, i was next to these trees and suddenly. i swear to fucking god im not joking.. a man in some knockoff or copy brand of northface jacket comes out of the trees with a fkin club in his hand… its 10 am… im on the beach, travelling alone, asian, with a $1300 camera, iphone, and wallet + carkeys… im ready to fight this homeless guy. he kind of walks towards me and im keeping one eye on him and one eye straight ahead. and he keeps walking towards me..

at this moment…. i knew all the years of taekwondo were going to culminate into this one moment. i was ready.



suddenly, a dog comes fullthrottle out of the trees and the guy tosses the club for the dog to go fetch and suddenly another homeless woman comes out and starts throwing blankets to roll up..

like wtf is going on… where am i………….

anyways i just keep walking, the couple(?) continue to pack their things and i kind of make a 540 and just go back to my car thinking ive had enough of eureka for one day…  (on the side note, i went to lost coast brewery and saw 2 asian couples so i didnt feel all too alone… even though i ate alone……………..)

continued driving because it was getting close to lunch time..

getting to this beach was actually the longest hike ever and i really didnt know if i wanted to bring my 4×5 because the cliff face was actually fkin steep and a quartermile down but as i was going down the stairway to beach, these guys were smoking weed and offered me some. kindly refused and kept walking and suddenly chainsaw noises.

like ok lets just walk through what happened previously….

man with club, comes out, few moments later doge,

cop comes outta nowhere,
no problem.

guy just offers me weed.

i dont even have naything that i could fight against a chain saw.. like what the fuck. if i died, would it be painless? or painful?? and like wtf is a chainsaw doing on stairway to beach.

and theres only 1 way and its the beachway……………………………

how could it end this way…

but the guy was chopping wood to clear a path due to a fallen tree. LIKE OK NORCAL

maybe im the weird one for being paranoid… but the civil worker (note theres only like a population of about 300 people in trinidad…… art center has more than 300 people….) notices me and turns off his chainsaw and lets me pass.

and finally onto the beach of Trinidad. only to walk a mile and then back and then back up and see nothing of interest.

but at least the town is beautiful! its a pretty well known tourist town as well but didnt have that many food options so i ended up at this beachcombers cafe which was delicious!!

light was k3wl. im an artist. i was also the only one eating… but it was also after 2pm so maybe i just came late to the party nawmsayin???

i got recommendations for almost every cafe i went to during my trip and no regrets were made.

after that i met up with paul bunyan and babe, nbd. they chill.

and continued north.

and this was the end of california on my way up. im still on the coast line but im also near brooking and even though i was driving and wanted to stop to embrace my surroundings, i made the rookie mistake of not doing that and kept driving like an idiot….

if you ever travel along the 101, stop at any of the turnouts you find visually pleasing and just sit there for 10 mins or so.. its so beautiful along the coast.
even though i felt as thought i wasnt taking that many photos, i was still finding resolve in my project. thanks shirley, essy, sherry, cathy & cathy’s entourage of classmates, and all the people who created anxiety for me unknowingly ❤

the next post is oregon maybe split up into two parts but probably not.


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