Karen & Brandon Bloch’s Costume Themed Wedding via Iphone

The day I became an intern… Just kidding!! This wedding was so much fun especially because it wasnt traditional!! Brandon and Karen did a wonderful job planning this wedding and attention to details made everybody enjoy themselves as well as celebrate this amazing ceremony.  The wedding was the weekend right after Halloween which if i remember was on a thursday in 2013… so this fit in perfectly even though we were in november.
Anyways, enjoy this wedding

Shot with Iphone 4 & processed with #VSCOcam

brick walls

bamboo forests

cacti patches

coastal flowers

and succulents

quite possibly the smallest outdoor location with amazing sections that provide great atmosphere for a wedding. these gems of places in LA make everything worth it.


Just kidding~

its Brandon & Karen in their amazing costumes

Real sword and so much detail in the costume. Well done.

a perfect representation of Cleopatra

Rock on you two
Thanks so much for allowing Wild Oak to be able to join in your glorious triumph (haaaaaa)

Wild Oak is still available for booking in 2014 (some dates are already booked) so if you know anybody or are looking for wedding photos,
send us an email at Wildoakweddings@gmail.com

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