Floral Entry.

They Call me the CerealFolk….. or Kinreal….




just kidding. if you examine the photos, you can see me for the fraud i am.

Shot with Iphone 5s and processed with #VSCOCAM

also if you guys are android users, go check out the android version of VSCO!! I havent tested it or seen it in action but im assuming it does just as amazing as on the iphone version so use it!!

o0o0o colored backdrops

who doesnt like flowers right?

i bought these for my final and used them somewhat and gave them away at the end to my friends so good deed for me :3 jk. rather a coincidence. should have given it to a cute girl during finals week…

anyways if you like flowers, like the post.
if you know what the name of the flowers are, comment so i can learn as well
follow the blog if you want more flowers!! or just to be kind people imo.

Thank you~


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