Outside Class Time

School school school. this was shot during… 9th week? or 10th week… and i got a complete overhaul in my mobile photography kit.

we had a demo to shoot portaits outside, obviously i was paying full undivided attention to my teacher lecturing us about north light. and thats why i got these beautiful pix to show my acknowledgement of existence.

Thats right. i got a new iphone!! #IPHONE5S after 6 months of noticeable sluggish performance from my previous iphone and 2 years total time with it, i can safely say that the new iphone 5s is way ahead and its just nice to have a new phone (even though theyre the same haha)

anyways these photos were processed with VSCO cam and shot on iphone 5s

featuring… @Johngarduno_ @Chelseapurr @Jasonlandis Hilla Hartenstein

that dynamic range. (not really.)

cat cat cat but #notcat. (imposter foreals.)

the highlights are really amazing

or maybe its the hair color..

the shadow detail is amazing too!!
or maybe its just because the subject matter is cool…

wow, cool, such nature, great feeling, much doge.

the bokeh is amazing and the sharpness is out of this world!!

random classmate & teacher legs

honestly i really like the new iphone and i was kind of split between getting a HTC one or the new iphone5s… even though i know iphone6 is going to be released in a couple of months… but i couldnt live without vsco i feel like haha

a slight peek into my campus here at art center…. the place is super small but its nice i guess for being stuck here all day

anyways like the post if you like the post?? slightly enjoyed counts as liking it. dont be stingy.

talk to me about how fraudulent i am in the comments section. or commend me on my random post 😀
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