Iphone Set: Tokyo, Japan via VSCO!! Part 4

Wut Wutt In The BuTt~!! Continuing from Rainbow Pancakes, we were on a mission to find this prestigious and legendarily mysterious jeans stores o0o0o00o0o denim heads @asimplefarmer and @oooolalasonic trying to find a specific store in japan.

also since we were in harajuku, i was on a mission to find kyary’s management company asobi systems as well :33 IN HIGH HOPES TO FIND HER RANDOMLY WALKING AROUND DA STREETZ ( ya rite ) but also with random nature shots and bikes :33

a random white bench & table out in front of store. was pretty cool :3

kyaaaaa~~~~~ found it :3 but no kyary :[

luckily i got my hands on these sweeet stickers :3 now featured on my laptop ❤ forever & ever Pamyurin.

found it.


the candids

another fashion angle

random guy

right in front of some teen idol store or something really weird that i could get in trouble for… just for going inside..

bikes & nature ❤

the smallest watch shop but had sick displays

harajuku train

wowowowooww the tokyo metropolitan government building with fast elevators

sick portrait by sonic

more portraits

a look at the busiest crosswalk in the world

of course gotta take a #selfie

o baby~

anwyays one more post is coming out  :[ please take me back to japan as soon as possible.

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