Random encounters with Friends

so its been a while since i attempted to scan any of my negatives because im not the #BestScannerNA… but i tried my best and i got some good results and figured out what i needed to do in order to get usable scans πŸ˜€

Featuring , @SolsticeRetouch, @JackStrutz, @Asimplefarmer, @aaronsinclair, & Esther .

Always backlit portraits EZ EXPOSURE, EZ SCANS
Its like we were friends during this time guys…

please excuse the random line going through the middle of the photo… the scanner @ school needs to be cleaned :[

super bright but super detailed

omg A-A-Ron~

and some random portraits of esther before our digiback shoot with classmates.

never get to shoot for me any more but i hope that changes soon

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