Iphone Set: Tokyo, Japan via VSCO!! Part 2

z0mGzz The mythical Part TWO that I keep lagging to post.
This is the continuation of my Japan trip back in June and the photos never stop! Asakusa, Ginza & Ikebukuro Streets.

The cutest travel guide in the world. My only regret is not being able to read japanese to further interact with this book. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ❤

Dodging the rain, making heads turn, Awkward tourists in japan? Asians in Asia.

The Ginza Uniqlo. 11 floors of beautiful clothing. colorful and interesting.

Pathing down Ginza, Making sure we utilize the location to make our photos look better.

The typical Gear shot

black & white blurriness adds motion and interesting characteristics.

using the umbrella

walking down the streets.


my OTL ❤

chicken sandwich for breakfast pls.

Not that moving, or storytelling but i hope it was interesting.

Part 3 shouldnt be too far off… hopefully i dont forget


3 thoughts on “Iphone Set: Tokyo, Japan via VSCO!! Part 2

  1. Is that an iPhone 5 you’re using? If so, the pic quality is very impressive! Plus #VSCO makes it all the more amazeballs! I am quite a fan of your work, and look forward to your coming posts~

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