Iphone Set: Tokyo, Japan via VSCO!! Part 1

Lucky Lucky!! I was given an opportunity to shoot a wedding in Tokyo and to say the least i was unable to contain my excitement!! This was the first time I would be travelling overseas with a purpose and my second time in Japan so I knew there was a lot of things I wanted to do… But work came first and then it was party time after. The couple of blog posts following this one are all documentation from my beloved Iphone 4 using the new VSCO Cam app.

I will be also posting a separate blog for Hiroko & Brian’s Wedding which I hope I will be able to explain properly because it was honestly something words would not be able to describe. the atmosphere, the people, the experience and the photos.. all I can say is please look forward to it!!

A mixture of photos mainly by me but also featuring Kevin and Sonic’s to add more flair. Please enjoy my documentation of Tokyo, Japan.

First Night

Day Two

Day Three

The following day was the reason we were in japan which deserves its own post.

Til the next update.


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