Wedding: Anna & Ted Von Heiland at The Orange County Mining Co.

Anna & Ted!!! ahhh I met Anna about a year or two ago at a small cafe in diamond bar called Cafe Terrace (which has the best iced coffee ever.) and after our small chit-chat about art and direction… she asked me if I was interested in shooting her wedding. I gladly accepted and this is the result of a beautiful location + beautiful couple coming together!! There was a small teaser with my iphone that I posted earlier in the month but this is the DSLR set… maybe iphone is the way to go??? Just Kidding!! I hope this set is a lot better LOL because I think it is… all those iphone pix were “quick edits off my iphone and dumped straight to card” (People who know that reference will laugh)

Thanks to Kevin Chu for helping me make this wedding possible

Starting off at the Beautiful Embassey Suites & Finishing at the Orange County Mining Co. each location was great and makes for great photos 😀

Congratulations Anna & Ted Von Heiland and I wish for the best in your future!!

Congratulations once again Anna & Ted.
Thank you so much for letting me part of your special day!!

For the photos in better resolution, Click the link below!!


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