3rd set of Film Scans from #ACCD

This is how i feel about school right now.

Sorry I havent been updating as much lately… currently dying? currently making excuses? currently not manning the fuck up and #DWIT

anyways this set includes a video preview with Derren Versoza with the amazing model @AmyJeanScott, a Little bit of my San Diego & Canada trip, Hanging out with @Asimplefarmer and outtakes from school assignments with @Johnsphoto, @MichelleAudrinaKim, @AaronSinclairr, @Dritch, @EstherKiu and @TaylorHanson.

2-previous Shot by John Garduno

V for asian~ & my cool Rillakkuma Case

Daria’s Navigating

Went to a petting zoo :[ it was not fun

Canadian SNOW

Terry Richardson?!?! Or just a Simple Farmer?

@EstherKiu “OH MA GAT U AH SO GUT!!!” haha esther….

#THECOLORRUN !! next update about school is going to be my SD trip/assignment :33

Finally The Preview

Derren Versoza – IPhone Photographer from Ryan Kim on Vimeo.


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