Free Action Set #2 !!!

——-> Click for High Res <——-
Thanks Kevin Chu Photography for this awesome photo in Hong Kong!!
Please be sure to check out his work and Like his Facebook page at Kevin Chu Photography

Like the Facebook Page to Download!!

So last time I released an action set, it seemed to be very well received!! so I decided to make a set that is for black & white to complete that photoshop balance that everybody loves to have. I also made a tab on the bottom of your screen that makes it easily accessible for my first free set as well.

I never really liked black & white editing because I always thought of them as something to go to in case of an emergency while editing (jokes later) but after making these, ive found a new appreciation for black & white and I hope they will be of use for all of you who download! Click the jump to get the download link!!

Theyre definitely easily usable and work on all conditions. Trust me, I have made multiple attempts to make them different… but prove me wrong and test them out yourselves and show me your results!

These actions are revolving around a “soft & even” feeling, a ” d e e p & e d g y ” impression and last but not least a “punchy & hard contrast” look!!

——-> Click Me for High Res <——-
Please Check out Christina Nguyen‘s Work!!!! This photo of hers is amazing and works perfectly with these actions!

Like the Facebook Page to Download!!

apparently its really hard to see so hopefully spaces will make it easier to find haha


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