Aftershock 2012 via @Iplaywinner & @Ultrachentv

Holy… If you’re a marvel fan.. and you missed this event… you must be living under a rock. The best KOF/UMVC3 event this year happened at UC Santa Barbara, Hosted by @UltrachenTV & Stream provided by @IPlayWinner this weekend on Sept. 15th 2012. This exhibition was amazing. 5 on 5 King of Fighters and 8 on 8 Ultimate Marvel featuring some of the best in the nation such as Filipino Champ, Combo Fiend, Fanatiq, Clockw0rk, Killerkai, HonzoGonzo, Infrit as well as the “less popularized” players (imo) KBeast, Padtrick, Wentinel, CJ ShowStopper, GCYoshi, Drew Grimey, ytwojay, X-Ray and Knives.Unfortunately for me (and for you guys as well I suppose), Photography is really hard so I didnt take that many photos… but I did work together with @CrossCounterTV in getting some great footage for the upcoming documentary series that Ian Cofino is working on!!

Ryan Kim Photography

I missed out on much of the KOF action.. but I heard Socal’s C-team” brought it home for us & I suppose that just means Socal is forever the best in KOF?? I dont know.. but for the main event… We lost (sadly) in a close way. @DrewGrimey should be titled as the “MVP” for the Norcal team because honestly, nobody on Socal was ready for him. Somebody who literally nobody had any information on yet his playstyle and succession of momentum carried over into the second set which led to the victory of the exhibition. It looked as if Socal slept on the norcal team thinking it was Filipino Champ vs Team Socal. The entire world had assumed it as well, Yet Filipino Champ only won 2 or 3 sets. Padtrick, Honzo Gonzo & KBeast did a lot of work in the second set and it came down to Fanatiq vs Kbeast. One thing that I had mentioned to @Gootecks and something that he expanded on was that the Norcal team had a centralized team mentality due to the FGTV house where most of the Norcal team practiced often while Socal were strong individually yet the team mentality wasn’t as strong. In any case, Heres the photo that I took because this is a photo blog, not a review website!!

Doing interview stuff before hand while we still had time before the UMVC3 exhibition started.

Some caps of the KOF exhibition

support from a local arcade in norcal @SouthtownArcade

The next set of images are not in any specific order so dont look for a chronological order of photos.

Some close-ups

And my favorite to watch CJ ComboDropper…


and with KBeast taking it over Fanatiq for Norcals Victory of Aftershock 2012

and Honzo Gonzo trolling the victory.

In the end it was an very exciting event with a lot of adrenaline running through everybody’s blood.

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and a small teaser of what to expect in the future.


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