Free Color Action set!

Click For High Res!

Photo Provided by Derren Versoza

 I made a post earlier this week talking about how I wanted to release an action and saw that the reaction was really good!! Thanks so much for the response and now I will deliver as well as +1 example in the jump~

format of the image is :
Pretone + Coloring 1 | Pretone + Coloring 2

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A prime example that my actions can be used! Photo provided by Sara Kiesling

As you can see one is cold tones and one is warm tones. something as simple as adding color to your photos can do a lot in adding depth and all you have to do is press play!

Please apply these on decently exposed photos! (Included is a simple brightener or darkener that could be a solution but not an absolute)

If you like how these look, Head over to Ryan Kim Photography & Like the page to Download the actions!!

Hit the Like button to Download!!!


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