@Shimodaface & LameChic.com Again!

Ahhhh Consistent work!?!? never… but working with Sarah gives me more time with my camera and an opportunity to shoot more fashion-ish stuff.

This week was with a Blazer, Cuffed-up Jeans, V-neck and a lot of accessories. Makeshift Studio with a PLM as light & Thundergrey seamless as backdrop, I think this turned out better than expectations.

Golden tones are a shallow copy of Kevin Chu’s tones but with some twists. might experiment with different colors sometime soon if i shoot backdrop again.. or maybe just buy a different color backdrop haha

anyways please remember to follow @shimodaface for her updates on her blog at www.LameChic.com & also me too but you can follow me at the bottom of the page.. or @miknayr

A Small vision of the setup and where the light is..

Definitely a good look especially thanks to her newly refreshed Ombre. not too subtle but not to blatant.

Be sure to like the Facebook Page and also to support Sarah at Lamechic.com as well as her facebook page!!


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