Week #31 of 52

   im_unenthusiastic. im_obnoxious. im_impatient. im_bothersome. im_deceiving

im_selfish. im_useless. im_rude. im_hated. im_ajerk.

im_immature. im_stupid. im_stubborn. im_theworst. im_mean.

but most of all

I am sorry.

What I have done is inexcusable and I acknowledge my faults.
My unstable emotions should have been in better control.
I genuinely had some of the more happier moments in my life with you here
and although I cannot say good-bye in person, I hope my lack of emotion,
locked steadfast into an emotionless persona i have created, can be understood in a way
that has different meaning when I say “Thank You” & “Good Bye.”

I am sorry for how I treated you.
I let my mentality get the best of me.


One thought on “Week #31 of 52

  1. And you are loved……. Faults and mistakes are just that. We are not our sins/mistakes and we will not be defined by them. Growth is a beautiful thing. Go forward and do better.

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