South Korea; Hong Kong Travel

For the past month, I visited Korea & Hong Kong !! Spamming my instagram with literally everything I was doing, visit random places and meeting new people… it was nonstop events haha

i wanted to write some kinda review but i dont have words to explain my trip haha :[[[ but it was filled with many happy moments. I want to thank everybody that i met in korea who made my trip that much better and joey for being my tourguide in that extreme weather in hong kong

these next few photos are the other photos i didnt edit on my laptop so its more of just an image update :p

check out my other posts made previously to see the full trip !

See you soon asia, hopefully.

haha THROWBACK! 8yr ryan


flying to hongkong

Left Hongkong & back to Korea



Korea’s Historic Tree

buddhist temple!

cafe life.

tbh i feel like i didnt take that many photos because i was more focused on shooting with my iphone (aka being lazy) but if you combine all the other days i’d say its a good amount of photos.

anyways i really really had a good trip and it was extremely fun.
next post should be my 52weeks.. see you then :3


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