@Staphu & Film

:3 Cameras are probably the best accessory any girl can have in photos so why not choose THE BEST LOOKING ONE?!? Recently I bought a TLR  and I’ve been shooting film and racking up that debt but in all honesty, it doenst bother me because I know that its all worth it in the end. @staphu stood in place for me by holding my camera and such.. good thing shes cute……………

………enough to make my camera look good! ;D JUST KIDDING!!! You’re cute by yourself! plz dont hurt me ;_; !!!  but this set of photos was inspired by japanese film photographers so even though the location was not as amazing I had hoped for.. I tried my best and got the shots I wanted to get and thats all that matters!

btw Thats a legit Canon 7D mark II with slight body modifications because its a preproduction model.

Even though I was mad about the location, im really glad I got some shots. I was kinda scared that I didnt get any workable photos especially with the amount of people walking around this crowded park, the cherry blossoms not being fully in bloom, and also the park cut down a lot of the trees and replaced them with younger ones… (all these photos had no people… look at the background….SYKE! I USED THE PHOTOSHAWPPPSSS!!!!!!) but im glad steph was willing to model for me and witness first hand at how fraudulent of a photographer I am … so everything went better than expected.

and… shes not a model..
#supahotfire references? I use that.

tip #42: locations on yelp… can be deceiving.. but you will never know until you go look for them yourself.


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