Photosteps: Stylish Autofocus.

Hello again! This is the second installment to my guide. I will try to keep my grammatical errors to a minimum because a lot of people have pointed that out. I’ll still plug-in random phrases and thing’s that I normally would say but probably to more of a minimum!

This week’s post is about understanding what YOU ultimately want to do with your PRO Camera & how you might achieve it.

So, you’ve finally achieved that DSLR you’ve always wanted. You feel boss, only because you are one!! Yet you still don’t really know what you want to do with photography besides take beautiful pictures. Maybe you need that teacher who is willing to teach you ALL of his secrets… or maybe you just need to go out there and experiment! There are TONs of different genre’s out there in photography and nobody find’s their style instantly. Every photographer has taken pictures of skies, their pets, and even flowers but once you go above those three categories, you might find out that you like one type of photography more than the other and you could call that your “Focus”. Although this is not a concrete list, to me, these are the most apparent categories in photography.

All Portrait Styles – As photographers, we want to see different moments whether its in your backyard or around the world. Portrait photography deals with shooting a subject which is generally a person or model. Of course there are many different styles of portrait photography so shooting what you like most will generally improve your photography immensely. Although these style’s sound similar, there are different aspects within each style that make them their own.

  • Lifestyle – A hugely popular style of photography that deals with the surreal moments in life and creating a feeling that is so real that it’s almost fake! Fashion photography slightly meshes with lifestyle but the true worth of lifestyle is that anything can be considered lifestyle! Candid moments, Blurry moments, Whatever moments! It’s lifestyle… because it happens in real life! Similar to having a snap-shot type of capture, post-processing of lifestyle is very important due to the fact that warm tones are generally more comforting (color theory!)
  • Fashion – Focusing mainly on showing off a brand, Fashion photography is quite popular.  The model should be complimenting the brand rather than the brand complimenting the model. Themes and Coloring Scheming is very important but also can be shot on seamless backdrops.
  • Wedding – Personally my favorite, but very stressful. Unfortunately, photographers cannot control attitude as much as we want but certain aspects of Wedding photography are very rewarding. Best coupled with a photo-journalistic style for a sense of telling a story rather than taking nice photos, Weddings and Engagements must express the emotion as well as understanding between the couple.
  • Conceptual – Artistic, Emotional,  and Diverse. Conceptual photography is where the most creative minds within photography are showcased. Anything can be conceptual as long as there is a concept behind it. Although some may not be as interesting as others, this style is more of a deeper understanding through expressions of their soul. Composition is quite possibly the most important factor of Conceptual Art.

I know there are some portrait styles I have not crossed such as street, event/candid, headshots, and etc, the above show paths into different styles that can be referenced into each other.

Automotive –  Car Photography! I don’t have much skill in it but I do know that landscape styled composition is generally influenced as there is no need to worry about skin tones with cars. With Rim’s faced towards you, shooting at an angle top down or straight leveled, all my information about something I don’t usually shoot is here. Post-processing skills are necessary for cars generally for cleaning distracting elements

Product – more down  the commercial side of photography, this also deals with an item being the subject. I have no idea about product photography.

Landscape – In my opinion probably the hardest style to get it right. Hugely dependent on mother nature due to the temperatures and direction of sunlight, composition is the only thing that matters in this style. Post-production is still necessary but generally, the photo should fit together and it will look amazing before in camera.

Photography is hugely diverse and the bold points are just highlights. Every style has similarities but should be handled differently and foundations carry over into all aspects of photography. If you have good fundamentals such as composition, tastes, and awareness, your possibilities are limitless.

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