B/A : Regina Husman

So thanks to @gootecks hes been pushing me to put out more useful content rather than my usual photo posts so~ ill be doing a general before/after and a walk through of the photoshoot. for now it’ll be texted based until i can upgrade my computer to handle screencapture but whatever.. here we go~

today we’ll be looking at my favorite photo of the whole set.
1. the light setup i used for this particular photo was a simple High-Output Beauty Dish or simply known as a Beauty Dish with an Alien Bee B800.  tbh this is probably my favorite light modifier becuase of the direction of light and the contrasted look thats soft. The dish was actually boomed above her head but not completely pointed down at her. I wanted to achieve a slight “spotlight” look so shes more focused so i had my friend (@kchuphotography) hold it in a direction where it hit her face and sort of let the rest of the light wrap downwards around her body.

2. i used my 85L  lens to get this perspective. kind of tight given that the hall i was in was just BARELY enough to get her full body. since i was using strobes, theres no need to shoot wide open and thus L lenses are somewhat unnecessary if youre dealing with strobe.


– frame it right, light it properly and dont cut off bodyparts for fullbodies.

now for editing in photoshop.

1. ive marked all the “distracting” elements in the photo which could be destructive to the overall photo of regina if they were left in it.  since this photo was “clean” due to the setting, not a lot of editing was necessary. a lot of the editing is simple spothealing but doorknob and wooden box above her head was cloning. make sure when youre cloning, to be consistent with the overall photo or else its obvious and wont help you.

2. once youve “touched up” the photo, begin fixing exposure (if necessary) and then work towards that style that youve created and known for. the way i edited this is with about 3 curves layer, a color overlay and then some levels.  if youre learning photoshop, play around with all the settings/adjustments and try your best to copy a photographer you admire.

3. if you cant notice, ive cropped the photo because i did manage to capture the wall. whenever you crop, make sure to keep the ratio the same( via holding SHIFT while moving the croplines in photoshop)


– remove distracting things from the photo and edit accordind to your style. copy people if you dont have a style

From This

To This

if you have questions on toning or color correcting, general photoshop, or found this post useful leave a comment below or tweet at me @miknayr



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