Wednesday Night Fights SFxT Edition

so i heard theres a new fighting game being released and its called “Street Fighter x Tekken”…. it seems pretty fun.. and its pretty cool.. i guess
Super Arcade had a demo of the new game tonight and man.. ive heard a lot of positive remarks but a few negative ones.. we’ll see how the game fairs when its release
i might buy it :3

in that box.. holds that stick. its a really really nice stick and comparing it to my eightarc, i can say its just as solid :33 great work @MadCatzInc

a Bunch of exhibition matches as well as the usual #WNFAE tournaments with SSF4AE and UMvC3 but @sethkillian was here promoting his game and gave an indepth explaination of the game with @markman23 & @gootecks

and @thatmikerossguy interviewing @MrWizardSRK about TOURNAMENT stuff

and then @PotatoHead aint mad anymore! finally got dat pix with @MegumixBear

Anyways Follow me on twitter plz @Miknayr
and like my facebook page! Ryan Kim Photography


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