Wedding: Yasu & Emily Kutami !!!

:33 Congratulations Yasu & Emily!! Emily’s dress was absolutely the best looking dress ive ever seen, the whole ceremony was very nice and the venue was so nice haha
thank you for letting me experience one of your most important days with you!

btw this is a huge post so CHECK IT!

getting ready felt really rushed (imo) but then arriving on scene at 8am and leaving with everything ready by 10… but Emily had a masterplan.


finishing up some pre-ceremony shots we made it to the venue ontime!

all the confectionery was very well thought-out and nicely laid out.

Emily was being sneaky and met me behind the building to take some more portraits with her veil on, dodging Yasu.

and then Yasu came around to join us without Emily.

some m0ar portraits!
regardless of how many times i asked her how nervous she was, she was rdy2go. genuinely in love. #forealz.

officially married!

after some bickering and touching up.. we had a small gap for fotos around the block

outside was hard to work in :\ but i tried my best

first time pronounced as Mr. & Mrs. Kutami

the cake cutting



prepping for the bouquet toss

some non-garterbelt looking like items

and after that, the wedding ended!! definitely one of the best weddings ive been to just because there was no lag time in between #THEBEST

once again congratulations Yasu & Emily Kutami!!


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