wtf does fotima even mean??

SATURDAY AFTERNOONS !? photoshoot time. had the pleasure of meeting up with some of the newest additions into fotoclub via @yay4christinne & @allenchiu honestly these guys are really really good.. theyre already better than me and im just playing catch up T_T Thanks to @Cortney and @Kate for modeling for us :33

Starting off with some Ambient photos LOL

And then we started shooting FOREALZ

and then a quick wardrobe change IN THE OPEN PUBLIC!!!

and it was back to work!

unfortunately, christina didnt let me snap any photos of her :\ so this is all i can offer
honestly, when i saw her i was like.. man this girl cant be good at photography #REALTALK but shes better than me already :[ and shes younger than me :[ MEANS SHE CAN ONLY GET BETTER Q_Q

strangers who helped out

some self branding

anyways, it was really fun to actually have models who would listen to my random ideas and watch other people work :33 hopefully our next meeting is gunna be just as fruitful !!

tip #35 : smile, be relaxed, have fun because its about you, not them


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