Hello there cute box.. what do you hold inside???

thanks to @Klout i got 100 mini business cards from moo (only had to pay 5 dollars for shipping!) and let me tell you.. these are AWESOME definitely a great choice in choosing 24 different photos and even though theyre mini cards, they show a good amount and are nice enough to slip into anything… definitely these are just for fun and i will be getting full sized cards but i think ill pass these out to people who actually matter or are on the card and then it’ll be like a collectors edition HAHA

anwyays the cards themselves feel REALLY thick like comfortable thickness and resilience when you try to bend it… even though theyre mini cards, they make a really good sound when you flick it alittle and it feels nice. the matte coloring is very very appealing and i can say i was alittle worried about the color correction on some of the photos i took but THATS OK because all of them came out NICE. the 24 images i chose are somewhat my portfolio pieces but at the same time portray my style properly. shooting random landscapes, snapshots of food, surreal lifestyle, exciting event photos of celebrities and non alike, and then wedding photos.. all of these cards show a focused image and before i was real iffy about having this kinda style but now i realize how cool it is and enticed to actually buy full sized cards with my photos on them as well. i still have my minimalistic cards so ill be using those when i need to pass out cards massively but definitely i will be going to moo again to get my next set of fullsized cards :3


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