Week #3 of 52

single photo for this weeks post.. but this photo took me quite a bit of time to get together and piece.
i got a lot of help from @SaraKiesling as well as @staphu for helping me in the actual photo process! thank you so much!!!

this photo originated from @JohnnyYacoub and his conceptual photo with his girlfriend but i developed the photo into my own style and came up with this! Rene Magritte also has a subtle influence over me with covering my face and of course all the big name conceptual artists (Alex Stoddard, Karrah Kobus, Derren Versoza to name a few…) play a huge part in my reasoning to do this photo..

the title is “Remnants of Ignorance” and this photo continues on with my January theme for my “52 Weeks Project” where wind is the main contributor to all the photos for January. about 35 layers in photoshop and 7 hours later i arrived to this finalization.. I dont exactly know if this is conceptual.. but more of composite.. but whatever :p

phototip #34: dont be embarassed, show emotion when youre doing photography! it’ll make the photo look tons better


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