LG Cup!

Hello! LG Cup.. Wow so many things happened.. match DC’s, major upsets, bad lighting, lack of hype, bartenders who make me feel bad… not many bad things.. but there were a lot of good things and it couldnt have gone any better than expected LOL @CrossCounterTV hosted with @Level|Up Series streaming and congrats to @Wolfkrone for winning EVERYTHING

randomest poster and beautiful theater… doesnt make sense…

lines… waiting… and interviews..

inside and how the setup was


and then some of the played matches!

and in the end,@Wolfkrone won everything and two tickets to korea :[ needs to share so i can go too :[

anyways tip #33 – always have backup batteries and organize your transferring.. dont lose data by accidentally formatting a card you didnt transfer :[

almost happened to me


2 thoughts on “LG Cup!

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