CrossCounter LIVE!

The Return!! recently, Ive been working with these guys known as @CrossCounterTV and its been amazing. although im not exactly the celebrity… I am doing what I love and learning more about things that help me develop my career as well as technique. thanks @Gootecks & @ThatMikeRossGuy for letting me be apart of your team!! hopefully mikeross wont give me THE BOOT!

Letterman as well as a behind the scenes look.

pregame humor with @ReNiC & @STEVEHWANG

And then the show started !

Success! everything went 99.9% smoothly (minus the jib camera running out of battery literally at the last minute of the show)

after we went to Roscoes House of Chicken and Waffles which was also my first time.

Bad lighting, did the best i could to salvage the images :[ but man the chicken was juicy, the waffle was light although not as crispy as i hoped… (comparing to bruxie a little..) but the sweet tea was damn delicious.

and then Ty wanted a picture… so i took one :p

tip #32: learning photoshop might be hard at first but there are tutorials out there that can teach you all that you need to know.. but the only catch is you have to have the motivation to learn! learning a simple S-curve can easily enhance your image or even removing chromatic fringe does wonders. google is your friend.

also i think i will be posting simple photoshop guides that are basic 1 layer adjustments that can be stacked on top of each other or a breakdown of each layer and how to use it to its half-potential… because i dunno what im doign on photoshop ROFL


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