Week #2 of 52

Monday! meaning its another update.. going to try to take photos on either sunday or monday for my project:52 … tried a bit more conceptual work but it didnt happen the way i wanted to.. nor did i know what i was doing ~_~ anyways my cold portrait session today. also thanks to @dnuggins for helping me out today :p and @zonogon for the moral support at the end.

“like being windblown”
probably the only acceptable pose. really unoriginal….definitely felt alittle disheartened when i got home.. but it was all good.

man.. how cold the water was… my feet were numb after i finished.

and then i took some ambient photos CAUSE THATS WUT I DO!

this is the third time ive used sycamore canyon for my self-portrait ideas… definitely one of the better spots for open area and those forest kinda feels…
also if you havent noticed.. i cut my hair short. no more of that long black kpopstar mane ive become known for… its been a short 5 months since i got it cut :[ but it’ll be a short 5 months til its long again :3

and then @zonogon was present!

overall i feel like my creativity isnt going anywhere.. but its only week two. and compared to last week.. this definitely is alittle more “creative”

tip #31: plan out your ideas on pencil & paper or notepad on ur desktop. and plan it for areas that match your idea.


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