Socal Brotog Meetup #2

First meet of the year.. definitely a good turn out.

not gunna compare each gathering with each other but this time, it was in a studio setting.. with lovely model @Xiang.
also i would like to say… sorry for my weak skin editing… IM NOT THE BEST EDITOR WITH SKIN T_T

definitely she has that Look. and confidence of a god because about 10 photographers were mashing on strobes to get their photo with her. honestly, if i had that many cameras on me i wouldnt know what to do but she handled it like a boss. TOO GOOD.

i really like this photo…

this one too

last one of me ❤

UNFORTUNATELY, i didnt take that many photos because i was having fun bothering people but i did happen to take a few portraits


Oh ukelele, why are you so funny?

it was great just to see these guys again and definitely had a fun time.. looking forward to our next meet!

phototip #30: VARI-ND FILTERS ARE GREAT! but only a few of them actually work well ;[ get one for your outdoor 1.2’s or strobing 1.2’s ;D


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