Colima Burger & Dripp Cafe

After christmas, gathering with @nearlysam and @khan at colima burger & Dripp cafe..

Dem Chili Cheese Fries… went to colima burger for lunch.. havent been here in at least a year it was good to just catch up and talk about how prospective futures… and career choices :3

always a fun time with sam and khan ❤
and then we went to Dripp cafe.. THEY DONT ALLOW PHOTORGRAPHY ~_~ LAME…


cookie was hard, ice cream was ok, coffee was burnt tasting.. not to mention was 4 dollars for a latte :\ and 3.50 for an icecream sandwich that was smaller than diddy riese(they charge less than 2 dollars) but the atmosphere and ambience is so good… no joke its a hipster place but i really like how they laid everything out, the design is pro and its cozy for sure.. if only they upgraded their quality of food T_TTT but over all its ok.. meh at best LOL and then we took some random portraits

phototip 28: get that exposure right in camera. dont wait til you get home to fix it in photoshop. if youre not satisfied, keep shooting til you get the right exposure.

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