WHEN DID THIS PLACE GETS SO NICE ?!?!?! jk i havent been to brea in such a long time that i dont even know whats going on
with @BenHuang and @JoshMerkel

Bruxie and Merely Sweets inside.

first of all… i’d like to recognize @MOTHER_NATURE for having such beautiful colors… nojoke, ur cute sometimes.. but i fkin hate u for making EXTHD prices ULTRA INFLATED >:l

A “Gourmet Waffle Sandwich” shop, Bruxie
when @shimodaface talked to me about bruxie’s a while ago.. i was like “damn this place is GHETTO LOOKING” but when we arrived at the brea place… WHOLE DIFFERENT STORY. it was CLEAN, openair, kinda like “quick-eat” styled.. a grab and go kinda meal.

ordering their “original” sandwich… omg where to begin.. the waffle… SUPER LIGHT and SUPER crisp. it felt like i was eating a tortilla but BUTTERMILK FORM it was seriously delicious.. and the chicken was nicely breaded, a generous amount of chicken meat and it wasnt greasy, heavy or hard to eat. the syrup sweetening was a strange but well thoughout combination as well as the lettuce bits that were inside to compliment the whole meal. it was definitely good and i would go back forealz.
@JoshMerkel, being the different one.. ordered the Smoked Salmon & Dill Cream. and judging by the way he was talking about it… it had to be good. so much enthusiasm was coming out of him..

washing down my meal with “Old Fashioned ‘Pure Cane Sugar’ Sodas” PRETTY GUD I GUESS :3

moving on, not getting enough sweets and me wanting to take pictures of downtown brea which i had some lifestyle type of shots in mind.. which didnt really work out.. i saw this dessert shop that was white…Merely Sweets was this white color schemed shop.

merely sweets

yummm. always down for sweets. 3 guys.. going into a sweets place. NOT GAY AT ALL but FOREALZ this place was so goodd and cute. ive had bottega louie macaron’s and these are definitely better.
merely sweets
merely sweets
clean interior, minimalistic. these guys have an awesome display of their products. they have custom designed cakes as well (my photoskills werent cool enough to take nice photos of the cakes :[[ )
merely sweets
merely sweets
merely sweets
some of their dessert designs… macaron’s are whatever for photos because they all look the same #nojoke but the taste wasnt overly sweet and fluffy.

and to top it off, these guys had THE COOLEST “POS” SYSTEM EVER. (POS being point of sales) using an IPAD 2 to handle the transactions.. u know a place is legit when they use an ipad to handle transactions.. and it doesnt help that i wnat an ipad :[

merely sweets
post merelysweets, THIS IS WHAT WE DO.

tip #24: use a smaller aperture when shoot pictures of food.. DOF AINT THE SHIT SOMETIMES (but i have 1.2 so I DONT CARE~)


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