PomoDoro; La Jolla

italian dinner that was ridiculously expensive… there was two old white couples sitting behind me and i overheard their bill was $2000… 500 per person? thats pretty crazy.. but thats not to say the food wasnt good :3 @benhuang noted that my sister likes to eat at very expensive places… i guess for our poor college student budgets, this wasnt a good choice… BUT WHO CARES~ good food is good food.

note the heavy use of black/white.. i got ultra lazy and didnt want to whitebalance these photos.. using my “FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY” action, i say these results are good.

i had this mushroom sauce + chicken in fettuccine.. it was so good.. what the heck. i mean the mushroom flavor was there but IT WASNT!~ and the chicken was so juicy… i dunno what everybody else got but IDUNCARE~ my food was good.. all that matters :3

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