Coffee Cup, Downtown La Jolla

~!! Veterans Day weekend!! i went to La Jolla, San Diego and spent time with @benhuang, @jefflin, and @gchyan accompanied me

that morning it was raining… so we went to this really nice/homely restuarant-cafe type of deal called “Coffee Cup”. the senguishes were gud, the kopi’s were gud, the atmosphere was good, and everything was good.. until we got our bill LOL but IT WAS WORTH IT!

Jeff bought a “Kiddy Hot Chocolate” which came in the same cup size as our “House Blend” and we saw people order the regular version.. holy it was huge.
the coffee was really rich. definitely not burnt or grimey tasting.. even though i like my coffee sweet, i tried it with less sugar and it was definitely acceptable. houseblends are always fun to drink :3

– so starting from the top left, i think this was gary’s dish, french toast topped with strawberries, powdered sugar, coupled with bacon, eggs and oranges with chocolate sauce on the side.
he said it was super good and it was really flavorful so.. its supergood and reallyflavorful :3

– moving left one photo, was my sandwich. the “Chicken Asada Sandwich” on Squaw bread with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Avodacdos, Swiss Cheese(?), and “Chicken Asada” (whatever That means..) and the most spiciest Chips & Salsa ive ever tasted. holy toospice4me.

– bottom left is occupied by ben’s dish which was somewhat of a breakfast sampler… but “Pancakes with Blueberries, Bananas, Strawberries and Bacon, Eggs, and Various Fruits on the side with chocolate sauce”. those pancakes… superfluffy.. holycrap. 2good.

Finally at the bottom right is a shot of our cards. ofc i colored out the numbers cause FRAUD IS DANGEROUS. and tbh, at 1.4, the DOF was so thin that i could only read my card numbers.. easily cloned out so HA, USE SOME IMAGE ENHANCEMENT AND MAYBE IT’LL WORK LIKE IN CSI

and then finally, some diptych action of gary and jeff…

no phototip in this post.. since its just a quick post to test my 35 1.4/5d2 that i recently got :3

but if i must say something, dont be afraid of noise. BUMP IT UP, USE SOME NOISE-REDUCTION, RE-ADD GRAIN/TEXTURE, LOOKS GUUD.

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