z0mgz so these past few weeks have been pretty crazy. busy busy everyday … but all for good.

starting from right after the past weeks farmstore experience.

@jenkim03 came back home for a convention (social media convention?) but also to get NEW PHONES~~
THATS RIGHT! i got an iphone. unforunately i dont have any cool ideas on how to take a picture of an iphone and im quite positive you guys know what an iphone looks like so
WUTEVER. longhair, dontcare. we played with iphones, got lunch, and then went to eat caketo buy some cakes :3 nojoke as much im not an avid cake fan… or a fan of cake nonetheless.. eat cake has the lightest creme ever.. and i think thats why i can stomach these cakes :33

on that same day, it was VSA’s annual Rose Pageant. unfortunately, the princess me and #paulchung were rooting for didnt make first cut.. so i quickly changed sides as to the group we were sitting near.. aka #17 GINNNAAAAAAAAA~ i dont know who you are, nor which school you go to… but you did an fantastic job 😀 your answers to the questions were solid. Also tiffany ❤ even though you didnt make first cut, you looked better than that #14 girl who had the whole rightside of the audience… or the "Every day is a special day~!!!" girl LOL

after shooting the pageant i slowly came to realize that… my current body setup + lens wasnt cutting it.. i wasnt achieving the look i wanted, i rarely grabbed my 2470 and especially knew i was being cutting myself short but also because i felt like i was overdue and i finally outgrew my 7d…

but all the memories ive had, getting my first job with my 7d, actually getting me to start photography.. my first actual step into real photography and not just a point and shoot style… best present ive gotten but youre in good hands now. (sold to a member of my photoclub)

Replacing the the 24-70, Welcome to #TeaM|Ry4n, Canon 35 f/1.4L
some test images

and some portraits at school

cute photo of cat

overall.. im excited. this lens is definitely something ive been looking for. shooting on my 85 and applying brenizer, it gives me that wide angle DOF but not readily available like the 35.. hopefully i dont get too attached to this lens and start neglecting my other lenses..

this thing is LIGHT. and if yovue ever held anything heavier than those 75-300 kit telephotos that you could have bought with your initial DSLR purchase.. you know that this lens is lighter than most L lenses. the build quality is GODLIKE just like with every other L lens ive played with.. and im extremely glad i got a copy that can actually hit focus and is a very very sharp copy. not doubting canon’s inspection line but my first 85 1.2 misfocused and i got it replaced and no problems after that :3 anyways these photos are just test images.. next week ill be putting it to the test and utilizing that wombocombo @ #monserrat’s wedding.


#20 : get as much criticism as possible. get critiqued, get told your photos suck, get the feeling that you just wasted alot of money… and then find the drive and motivation to prove those people wrong.. or to show how youve improved from your last photo. dont stop believing in yourself.. but dont let yourself become too inflated just because you took one good photo.

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