time is passing by wayy too fast… and im not utilizing it very well. i havent even been doing much photo related things either but work/school is keeping me busy.. for the most part.

in the next two weeks, im going to shoot my first official wedding! how exciting but first of all lets roll through the past few weeks.

i went back and did a re-edit to “reassess” my skills on editing.. tbh i feel like i dont take well enough exposed photos therefore i have to work hard in photoshop… in essence i’d rather it be the reverse… where theres a minimum of postprocess ;\

took a new homepage photo for my website and it was really fun.
i was going for the whole “autumn” theme by colorscheming brown.. but i didnt go outside nor were there any brown things available.. so i just wore a brown shirt nad pants :3 and what better way than making something interesting then by throwing cat speaking of cute…heres him posing for me.

having too much fun with cat in selfportrait photosessions LOL

just to get shots like this…

and then i also took part in the “lets edit a sara kiesling” photo and i ended up with this

not bad right? too bad i didnt take this photo :[ all credit for that photo goes to Sara Kiesling Photography :3 especially since i got permission to edit it. what an amazing photographer.

and then more recently, ive started to do a video project with @paulchung and right now its coming along pretty well although i wish i had better video skills :[
one of the scenes is inside this room which is honestly really cool. it had a bunch of beakers and flasks but i iwsh i had my triggers while i took this shot.. it would have looked 10x better .. or atleast in my head it would have Q_Q

and then finally, november fourth. for my hrt class we had to visit the Cal Poly Pomona Farm Store.. ive been here once to pick up my servsafe certificate but now i went back to take a tour and stuff and i have to say, the farmstore is a really cool place. especially cause they grow everything organically and just do evreything all pro agriculture stuff.

this place looks amazing huh? and its a farm.. farms are pretty cool… they have annual events and i heard its pretty fun. i might participate one day :33
all of this is managed by Dawn Taccone

and then finally i took some noob brenizer method of a tree @ calpoly while waiting for the bus LOL

mehhhh tip 19~
tell a story with your photos! have a point and reason as to why you took that photo.. dont waste time/shutters on useless photos (or keep it to a minimum) youre not gunna be posting all your photos unless youre a person who doesnt care but reading these tips just means you slightly wnat to get better @ photography.. :p even if its a 1 photo story or a 30 photo story.. just make sure you can express the idea properly or flow/link it together..

and 19.1 tip, breathe. i heard its good 4 u


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