~# Andrew & Elle

! what an spectacular day… Andrew & Elle, Congratulations on your marriage!

i was contacted by @suzanatran to setup a photobooth and take pictures for the reception but i asked “hey, can i shoot the wedding also?” thankfully she accepted my proposal and i was excited and ready to take this opportunity and make it happen :3

unforunately i didnt get invited to watching the bride get made up so i settled with the preparations happening @ the house.

they thought of putting these gelatin balls inside a vase for the reception… it was looked pretty cool if you ask me :3
as preparations were coming along, people started to show up and the show started to get started. the bride had came back and started to change and get ready


Elle was looking gorgeous forealz.her dress was ultrapretty too..

after the getting ready. it was a quick break and breather.
weddingwedding got some quick snaps of flowers because.. whats a wedding.. without flowers :3
making sure the planner was ready to roll…
the party started to happen.

we moved to Diamond Bar Center which i was surprised that it had a very nice picturesque-scape :3 i should have explored more..
the main photographer decided to take some shots preceremony and im glad they turned out good :3 especially for being an off shooter, im somewhat glad it turned out this way :3

the ceremony style was a tea ceremony (not sure which culture its from but it was cool regardless.) which basically was all the elders from both familys were given tea by the bride&groom. all the photographers were cooped up on 1 side and right now i kinda regret not getting a photo of that because it was very funny to see all of us crammed against the wall lolol but after the ceremony, it was time for photobooth time! i picked up @stephchung since she agree’d on helping me but unfortunately…my laptop (dell #1) decided to not recognize anything so the reception was really really nervous for me… good thing i kept my cool and i offered suzana a different deal where i decided to upload all the photos as well as offer them for download. i hope they were ok with this proposal because we went ahead and did that to make sure things were happening.

although i didnt get to take pictures of the reception… i did take photobooth :3 and this is (imo) the best of the best?

and then towards the end of the night when people had to eat, me and steph started to do our own fotobooth but it was more like solobooth. #foreveralone LOL

overall i had a really fun time and it was definitely a good experience. i hope i get contacted for alot more weddings in the future.

thank you for letting me be apart of this

protip #17 : smile whenever youre taking a picture. its strangely effective to see a smile behind a camera as well as infront of one.


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