! its been a week but i work for 5 days out of the 7 so i dont have much time to take pictures :[ unless theyre night photos… but i dont like night photos very much >:| or rather.. im not very good at composing them… well anyways!


!! after THE longest drive ever, we (@gchyan+@stephu) finally met up with @kenkowtow all the way in north hollywood (which i finally realized how much the 405 sucks…) and went to eat dinner at @FathersOffice !!

to say the least it was an interesting experience. bar was nicely decor’d, ambience was good, alot of white people. the burger was a little soft but then again i got it cooked at medium rare… so that might have been my fault :[ but it was really really good. the fries were super salty.. and the wine i paired it with did not pair very well. the acidity was too high for the tender burger meat :\ ohwell maybe sommelier isnt for me ;_; time to give up @ school :[
shot some brenizer method styled photo’s (a compilation of photos with a fixed focus point) interesting concept and i think i might be fixated with this method becuase its absolutely gorgeous. i honestly think wide angle DOF’s are legit. but its really hard to capture wide angle with visible DOF :3 so this might be a staple from now on :33 but my attempts were very poor and i have to try again.

and then some obligatory cat photos.

tip 16=
color match. you’ll get some interesting portraits :3


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