twoweeks and soem days NBD i hate updating when i dont have that many pictures to show for so thats why i dont update. lately i havent been taking as many photos as i wish but at the same time i dont have the right time schedule to be going out or anything. but anyways


finally managed to win a date off of @shimodaface via raffle @ banananabay and went to eat lunch with her and her her-ness. deli-licious #foodpuns the sandwich was good and unexpected as well having a good time just talking about random stuff and other things. after we went to tranquil tea lounge and had some tea and then went to fullerton arboretum which was super interesting just becuase it was random park next to CSUF.

and then finally @arrexcho came back from the east coast and had some cafe terrace. it was good to just catch up and hear about his adventures… be safe in hongkong!

the other night was random jeff meet up… came from arcadia to just eat/drink tea/ watch us bowl… u crazy dawg

and thne was some random strobing fun but i didnt know what i was doing GG but jeff also came back to db again

and finally took some self portraits today.

protip #15 : shoot during golden hour (sunset/sunrise) in golden fields (wheat fields) for GOLDEN POTENTIAL


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