almost hitting the 3 weeks mark :3 hello! the past threeweeks have been eventful but i havent been taking photos… as a result of my laziness.. i think once school starts imma do my 2nd round of 365 because i feel like im not getting any better at photography… ive been doing alot of videography work which i think is a little more fun than photography.. since its moving pictures but its so complicated and i dont understand ~_~ but lets move on to what happened with my life in the past weeks

so i basically had lunch with @bethknee_ and a few of her friends and went to schabarum park to take pictures
i can safely say.. its boring over there minus the boat that is in the playground…

self portrait
took some self portraits that i dont think came out very well but WHATEVER. cut my hair NBD

steph sparkler
group sparkler
and….THEN CAME MY BIRTHDAY! hooray! im finally 21 and able to legally drink something i would not drink ~_~ most of the events happened during night time.. but during the day it was slow which was perfectly fine for me :3 celebration and birthdays arent exactly things i expect so my birthday isnt anything particularly held in high respects..

and then came MLG ! starcraft 2 with nerds nerding it up! it was pretty fun especially to see pro gamers in real life… even though ive seen them in korea :3 the atmosphere is completely different when it comes to korean gamers vs foreign gamers.. mEh i have more photos of pro gamers in my facebook page

some cute photos of steph

and then finally came disneyland.
we went with @gracehong whos @stephchung’s cousin as well as graces friend @mattlee
disneyland still is a boring place LOL (my opinion

anyways these past three weeks have been fun :p made a few videos along the way too which ill be linking

but for the tip
#13 : go draw, go paint, go sculpt, go play music… it’ll help out with your photography through the imagination and creativity you’d be thinking of :3

here are my crappy videos that i make for fun :[


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