hello hello! its been two weeks and what an intense two weeks it has been. i just finished up my roadtrip/project and i can say it was one of the best things ive ever done with my life. even though it had a few mishaps, i still all in all it was worth it. i drove up to vancouver canada which is about 1300 miles away as well as stopping by many popular places such as san francisco, mt. mt.shasta, medford, portland, and seattle. i guess ill explain the trip through the pictures i took.. so be prepared for the long post :3

driving up to san francisco, i saw a car on fire and fields on fire. i did see some epic clouds and i thought of @serend1p1tyx and her experience with a prospective candidate :3 Always a funtime with clouds and cats and flowers ❤

i met up with @samlee at his home in berkeley, CA which was very short lived but i had delicious ice cream which is all i need to get to come back and visit again with more of a real intent to stay for a while :3
although im not much of a landscape photographer.. i ended up in seattle (not stopping by portland for various reason which will come later) and i stopped by in hopes to meet @connorsurdi but fate had us switching places.. he made a visit to LA the time i came up to seattle so i pressed forward to move into canadian territory :3
this was the first portrait i took in canada.. strange because i was expecting to be taking alot more self portraits than i did… but i was finally in my 3rd favorite country and at this point my drive hour count was @ 30hrs :3

the first and second days at canada :3 met up with denny and shirvin and nojoke even though it waas our 2nd/1st meeting (respectively) there wasnt a huge air of awkwardness which im glad for.
my 2nd day was this intense hiking adventure called grouse grind and honestly.. it was alot of fun despite denny being lagger and thats all that matters :3 did some HDR.. i think its stupid still so im never doing it again. after an intense day of hiking we all went to night market which was a fun experience

its so interesting to actually be in a foodstand market because ive only seen these in taiwanese/japanese tumblr posts which ive been trying to find these kinda places because in california.. therse nothing like that :3 i took alot of videos so im going to be processing that within the next few days i hope… as well as a grousegrind video ?? huehue i did alot of video taking.. so :3

i dont know when this day was.. but it was fun :3

went to granville island bought WINE! and met denny’s friend rhiannon (interesting name :3) but were friends now so thats all that matters.

continued the next day with shirvin and denny lol and we went out to stanley park and gas town which was fun :3

took some panos of vancouver skyline :3 too bad science world decides to turn off @ 12 to conserve energy… :[
and that pretty much marked the end of canada… driving back down into the states was kinda gay because border crossing took way longer than it should have and i forgot my pillow :[

on my way backdown to california rushing to dodge carmaggedon.. i finally met up with connor! the most interesting person ive met in my life no doubt and hes honestly such a great person! his family is #1 too (especially barbara[his mom]) which has got to be the most chill and understanding parent ever.. although i didnt explore seattle as much as i hoped for.. im going to go back there with my friends and definitely have a good time hopefully and for connor, see you in two years, meet up @ tokyo plz

this was my final stop, in portland oregon to have lunch.. and im definitely adding this onto my map of places to revisit. this sandwich had ingredients i normally wouldnt eat based on what it sounded like but god decided to be my friend and this sandwich was AMAZINGLY GOOD! the kettle chips were so delicious and the turkey+cheese had a great balance. the pesto wasnt overpowering as well :3 all in all i think portland has so much culture and i honestly want to revisit but by plane because driving is a bitch LOL

and then finally back @ home.. i initiated my sparklers plan.. harder than it looked ;[ creativity escaped me as well and focusing was a harder than expected :[ gunna try again sometime this or next week.

overall this trip was worth it. i dont care how much it costed or if i could have bought a new camera body.. its worth it.

tip #12 –
explore. you’ll be surprised at what kind of photos and how much you’ll learn about photography as well as yourself and others around you :3

longpost good unit?


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