ive been busy :[ two more days. i had a huge photoblock as well as being super busy but its slowing down just only to pick back up :p
took these self portraits in walnut… used my nikkor 50 1.4.. definitely a hard lens to use but i still love it :3

got invited to help out on a short film set for a friend of henry chen. i learned a few things as well as the fun life of being part of a filming crew :3

took a few pre animexpo shots for steph and belinda..

and then i finally went to disneyland :3 i honestly didnt get as many good shots in as i wanted but ohwell. another time.
i made a video of the day as well which probably is more of the reason why i didnt have as much photos

but anyways
#11 tip
theres never enough footage for video. shoot alot and complain about not having enough memory :[

buy a stablizer as well ify oure gunna video


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