SAWP NOOB PHOTOGRAPHERssszzzz! today marks the beginning of MY summer so i hope everybody did well in school because I KNOW I DID awwwyeah. 6.0gpa FTW amirite? even though summer started maybe 12 hours ago for me… ive alrdy started shooting within the summer seasons! jk i only took a selfportait session. regardless heres my past two weeks of not being able to go out as much due to studying :[

i would like to thank @connorsurdi for constantly uploading photos about freelensing lately and that “bro”-ness.. intriguing me enough to try to copy the technique and learn it.
definitely envious but quite jealous as well that hes an amazing photographer.. and hes younger than me.. and he has a nice car.. and can market very well :[ but hes good so it doesnt matter.
the first final of my spring quarter was on kelloggs karnival day which was pretty nice considering we got free food… it wasnt anythign spectacular except seeing our dean get dunked once. people need to learn how to throw a baseball imo :p
bought a new microphone because my old one made my voice crappy so my voice is godly now. because you know… its not the person.. its the equipment.
went to panera to take some random shots and this is what i could come up with :[
finally i had an idea for a photo.. unfortunately it didnt turn out as i had hoped for.. but it gave me inspiration to do a project . definitely know what im doing on the side over summer.

and then we have a selfportrait for the first photo of the summer.

my recent session with @LeeRoc as well as @atdam proved to me how unsucesssful an idea can be without proper planning.. spontaneity can be rewarding but its a double edged sword… so heres the tip
regardless of how fucking amazing you are at photography… 1:1 ratio of good photos is never gunna happen.. so suck it up and just keep taking photos. pretty sure theres a good ratio called 100:1 good photo.. so as long as theres one photo that looks nice or satisfies the egotistical demon inside of you… thats all that matters. because nobody likes seeing 9/10 blurry photos of a cat thats out of focus nawmsayin?


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