its been a while huh? :\ lack of updates means lack of photo taking… i havent really been inspired lately whcih just means im losing interest slightly. my lack of creativity is really pissing me off lately and all i can do is copy rather than be original… hopefully when school ends in the next few weeks ill get a creativity splurge.. or maybe start a side project… but regardless heres the past two weeks reel.
rode some longboards and bikes with a shitton of weight on my back.
one of the most physically demanding self portraits ive done in my life. jumping as high as i could for two hours straight is really hard.. especially trying to do illusions by yourself without any tools to help you.. i should have asked for help but thats not what i wanted. tbh i just wanted to show off my new shirt. rofl
went out towards an area to take some pictures.. experimenting with 3d. i would think my attempt was successful since it works :3 got replied to by @yowayowacamera on twitter for inspiring me. and thanks to alan for letting me borrow his t2i

did some studioshots with kevin liangcy helping him out with his portfolio. was alot of fun just shooting with random props we found around his house.. lol i need more lights and better lights :[

got spoons house this week as well :3 always worth it imo. edited these pictures alittle different from my normal flow… but i think i understand how to achieve certain photo styles a little better now…

mmm the biggest concern ive been having lately is what exactly to shoot.. ive always told myself portraits and candid moments are what im goign to focus mainly on and ive stick to that pretty well but at the same time i dont shoot with models as much as i could be nor do i promote myself and ask people to refer to me. i havent really improved in my portraiture imo so its a little frustrating when im taking pictures of people.. even when im taking selfportraits… its the conceptual side of portrait action that i dont understand which is unfortunately my achilles heels…which leads me to…

tip#9 – acknowledge your faults and never acknowledge that you are the best. theres always going to be somebody better than you REGARDLESS of whatever title you hold. once you realize that youre good… youve past your prime and youre nothing more than another person who says they were good before anybody else.. just like a hipster. my photos arent getting anywhere close to what i actually want to take but that doesnt stop me from constantly trying.. so keep motivation simple and learn from your mistakes… if something looks weird, ask a person why it looks weird. if you dont see anything weird, ask a person “does anything stand out?” and if it matches your vision then the attention is pulled towards that certain thing. doesnt matter if theyre artistic or a total noob… only blind people will not see something and comment about it in their head. general opinion is by far the strongest support you can get.. so try to garner alot and you’ll become #2 in no time.


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