z0mgz 10thday post. and this post is gunna be super long. GG…
its not a sunday but its a thursdayyyyy and im posting becasue this past week(ish) has been PHOTO-PHILLED! (/cough..) anyways, i have been more active in shooting this past week more than i have before.

more of that spontaneous drive to get out there and take some coolpix… but honestly i really dotn like the way im editing these photos.. nor am i really paying attention to exposure as much as i should which is pissing me off becasue my photoquality feels like its diminishing… sadlife.
monday was this little event @ cafeterrace called having lunch. nothing special. went to study afterwards.
went to a park that i really wanted to go to to take some coolpix.. even though the lighting wasnt that amazing :[
took some cat pix
katsup container
some afroduck-age while i was location scouting by myself

and then some location scouting with zonogon which proved to be a good spot minus the weeds.
took some pictures of alvin’s car and tbh i dont like my car photos. i really really dont understand car photography.
out of the some 300 i took… only 3 of them came out well enough where i’d show people my work (like above)

it really sucks to see my photos again after a while and think about what and how i could have done better… but i dont change as much.. i just hope i see the difference everytime i take a picture similar to the same style in what i failed at :\ unfortunately my photos suck so QQ. only thing i can do is get better.

car photography is fucking hard. look at other people’s work, make sure the angle is correct, and then click the shutter. processing for cars is different than people so thers alot of different styles involved…. but dont let the two worlds have a berlin wall inbetween them. you can apply the same techniques in portrait photography for cars.. just think of cars as people and then shoot like that :3
wide angles are generally better than zoom’d but… i think my portraitside got the best of me because i hoenstly only used my 85 or 70-200 ~_~ bad move because i probably could have done a lot better if i used a wide angle.. sigh ohwell.

#7 i guess since this post is super long.. so why not extend it!
when shooting people :\ its your job as the photographer to guide the model…. that doesnt mean carry the team but pull your own weight as much as the other person aka the model. in a photographer/model relationship.. i’d say its about 65/35 photographer/model. (at least in my opinion.. i know it probably should be 80/20 p/m but im noob so fuckyou). the model can only do so much in terms of what to look like but ultimately… youre telling them what to do and youre the one holding the camera behidn your face. i have this problem right now where i cant correctly express my concepts to my models like gary/steph/kevin but im working on being more verbal about it without sounding like a douchebag like i normally sound like.(monotone is cool).
photographers should know how models should post and probably the best way to give direction is to be specific(which im bad at LOL) but like the previous post… have different perspectives and move around.

dont be lazy and get out there!

im also doing a portrait project with square crops.. not sure if i mentioned it in my last post but.. hopefully i can make this project workout in the end. drive and direction are purely my own mentality but i want to be able to do something with this personal project i started for myself. :p not like it matters~!
anybody who wishes to participate just let me know through facebook/tumblr/comments in this wordpress/twitter! you get a “cool facebook pix” that looks cool and its a free photo thats 1080p YOUTUBE QUALITY! *z0mgz* (its like a free photoshoot)


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