asdad2 v
! man, updating one week after another.. must mean im doing stuff with photography amirite?
probs not. i havent taken as many photos as i wanted to… ive been teeming with ideas lately but i dont know how to explore them or visually expand them with my knowledge :[ help me outz plzzzz

had a little fun with an ipad @ cpp the other day. not an interesting portrait but :p
finally got into some square cropping and some kinda fashionistic photostyle.. tbh i really like this photo but thers alot of unbalance that i hate in it… :\

went to round1 and watched people win rillakuma dolls -> & <- … too easy imo :p kinda satisfied with how my pictures came out that night.. especially since it was a random time and most of them were snapshots :p
finally got some pix of my whitelens but i wish i used a better way of capturing it.. the perspective is super boring…

anwaysy i feel as if my photos arent getting better at this point so i hope i can get some feedback on things that you would want to see more of.. whether it being my cat, food, flowers or cars.. doesnt matter as long as i have some kinda drive and assignment.. i dont generate alot of mediahype but at the sametime i dont whoremyself out there…

cooltipx#5 recently one of my friends seems to be only drawing sketches of things for pictures.. not like thers anything wrong with drawing sketches but if you continue to keep yourself at the same level of skill, youre never gunna improve. so IN my reference to photorgaphy.. quit taking pictures at the same perspective.. and continuously try to take pictures in a different way than normal…
its not like two people who take pictures of the same flower are gunna look exactly the same.. amirite? the whole term of composition is about how you feel like the photo should look. ive taken dozens of pictures of flowers and tbh i really hate taking pictures of flowers but whenever i see one that stands out, ill make sure i can have a photographic image of it and remember why.

basically i guess what im trying to say is.. dont stop short of anything that seems just ok. take a picture and try to make it interesting… take it at another angle, see what kinda shadows or highlights can be achieved, be that stereotypical “artsy photographer” where you think putting your camera lower than the ground is gunna make the most EPIC pix ever.. anythign that sparks that creativity to achieve that photo you want.. go for it!
tbh im just a guy with a really big camera thats all. i dont really think my photos are good enough yet but im glad i can take photos at a different level than most people who have a camera and call themselves a photographer.

take a picture and submit it to me via tumblr/facebook/twitter and ill give you a prize aka words of what i think is wrong with it :3
and maybe something free.. like a prize i guess :p


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