what an unappealing week. nothing much to share except that i realized certain things about certain things and came to a conclusion that i get stressed out over certain things.
had a super mini photosession @ cpp library randomly.. nothing was learned during that session..but it was fun
i was determined to have a self-portrait session and i realized how hard it is to work with a zoomlens + reflector and a remote that doesnt sync further than 25ft away. …. but i did learn a good deal about using reflector and how one person cannot do all those things lOL -_-
my sister came back home also and wasnt too bad except for me going to work right after :p

anyways a reflector is completely necessary for any outdoor midday shooting…fill light is ultra important and it really does give photos that extra pop because filled subjects standout and they have better exposure but its extremely hard to control especially for one person. had to use 2 of my lightstands to figure out where the reflector was pointing but it was fun to figure out. especially when there wasnt any time to spare.

i have a new ez location to go to so imma try again sometime soon.

see you nextweek.


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