two weeks has passed once again. im starting to see a flow and style in my photography which i havent noticed as much before. its only april and the seasons are changing fast as we move onto summertime… anwyays nothing amazing or any photoshoot like stuff.. i did a bunch of self portraits and i found a great song thats goign to be the highlight of my next video idea if i can figure it out.. hopefully set for summer if i can gather enough people…. found inspiration as well but none of these photos reflect that
some of that nice sunset glow? its only golden hour.. not like it takes any real effort to shoot like pix at that time ~_~
found expired pills in my cabinet and turn it into an idea..was playing around with sunlight but my room isnt designed for sunlight.. so :[
couldnt figure out how to edit this photo but its the best i could come up with… not as popular on my stream anymore… dunno why
its a weird framing… and ive been trying to find a good crop for it.. comment on my flickr and add a note on how it should be cropped plzthx<3
finally hung out with some real people aside from kevin or gary.. played with that hookah and made some coolsmokepix but they werent as good as i thought.

ambient vs strobe? im an ambient guy but strobes give it that certain look. i bought a 1.2 for the reason that i wanted to shoot lowlight but im gunna invest in a dedicated monolight system when the next year starts.. i dunno anything about lighting properly but im still learning and i just have the tools for me to take coolpix without light available.. eventhough i dont take coolpix whatsoever :p

seeya in twoweeks.


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