i kid you not, i didnt update becaues i didnt have any interesting photos to share. SERIOUSLY. i didnt want to make a blog post that was like 3 pictures big and thats a sorry excuse for a photoblog amirite?
anwyays these past two weeks felt like they were months imo. handling stress and joy, the recent destruction of japan via tsunami/earthquake (kyogre vs groudon imo.).. i wouldnt know how to express my thoughts for japan through photography but theyre there whether or not people like to believe it.
last week, i did a couple of portraits and edited in a soft style and i feel like my portraits are getting better slowly but surely. maybe a choice of different editing styles and color but regardless portraits are becoming less and less of a pick&choose for me now :3
also starbucks cup for obvious hipster-induced reasoning.
went out and did a second attempt at the splash thing.. used food coloring to color the water but i feel like i should have still used milk :[ well anyways super pleased with my results just because my first attempt was very poor and unflattering..(dont even know why its not onflickr to show the comparison @_@) but definitely a fun project when youre bored
some cherry blossoms at CPP and was an attempt to help my friend andrew see how easy it is to take photos and make them look pretty.
had a straight out of camera photo but i dont want topost that.
and finally this past saturday was my first engagement session and it was tedious but im more confident i can do it betternext time.

somecooltips #4?
experiment! EXPERIMENT ALOT! doesnt matter what kinda photographic experiment youre doing, you should just try it out. dont be shy. constantly learn things everyday when youre working towards photography.

recently, i took an extreme portrait that i feel like was a bit too personal but now im more confident that since its the first time ive expressed my emotions properly through photography.. (minus the description) i’d showcase it here since its not as popular as my flickr.
this is my first time i took a nude portrait and critiques dont bother me because its hard enough to gather the courage to stand nude before anybody but also to properly convey it. ill probably get judged for taking a picture like this but expression emotions are harder than people perceive it to be. hatersgunnahate. #winning


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